Easy Science Fair Projects – How to Find Good Ones Quickly!

You can do it!  There are last minute, easy science fair project to be found that are good enough for the science teachers…

science project 300x225 Easy Science Fair Projects There you are on a Friday night, looking forward to a relaxing weekend with your family and it hits you…. there is a science project due on Monday, that you knew about of course and just kept putting it off… you thought you still had another week!  Where did the time go?  You have not even once started looking for an idea.  What you  need  are easy science fair projects that can be done quickly, but one that will also meet the teacher’s requirements.  It need to be a good one.

Most of the time when you find a science project that is  easy, it does not even come close to meeting the requirements the teacher set out in the project outline that came home weeks ago.  In addition a quick and easy  project might not be enough time to teach your child anything significant about science!  Believe it or not, there really are some  good science fair projects that can be done quickly, easily and teach your child something along the way.

Here is what you need to do to find the best easy science fair projects—– Starting Friday night…

  • Check the directions and see exactly what type of project your child needs.  Is it a demonstration science project where they present to the class?  Is it a science report?  Do they need to make a scientific model or gather a collection of items? Or,  is it the more common option of an experiment of some sort based on the scientific method?  When looking online make sure you pick the right type.
  • Get your child involved and ask them for several ideas. It gets them involved in the early stages for their own project!
  • Start your internet or library search using the phrase  “science projects on…”   Add in elementary, or middle school or the  grade level to narrow it down further.  You can easily find just the right projects this way.   Look through and make a list of possibilities.   Discard anything that looks too advanced or complicated.
  • Look at the materials list for the ingredients and equipment that is needed to do the project.  Eliminate any projects with ingredients not readily available or way too expensive.  There are  tons of projects that use regular household products or that can be found with a quick trip to the local store.
  • Check out  the timing for how long the project will  take.  You only have a weekend, so you want two days or less. You need to leave time for writing reports and making display boards.  Your best easy science fair projects should not take more than a couple of hours, half a day.  Remember you need time left over in case of a mess up and you have a do-over, which trust me, will happen.
  • Get your free download  for “non-scientist” parents that tells you all about science fair projects here!

Although easy science fair projects are not always so  easy to find,  following this plan lets your child and you work together  to find a project that is quick and easy to do, but also educational and fun!

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