Weekend Fast and Easy Science Projects

What we like about Weekend Science Projects

  • It is long enough to be able to so something with some substance to itscience bookpix1 230x300 Fast and Easy Science Projects
  • It is short enough to keep the kids attention from wandering.
  • They are easy to do because the directions are clear, not because of childish topics.
  • Thus, fast and easy science projects!
  • There is uninterrupted time, so once you get everything out they can stay spread out until the project is finished.
  • Parents are home so can help make runs to the store for supplies, and with any computer glitches, (although between you and me, even the young kids seem to know more than their parents on this issue!)

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What kind of schedule you can expect:

Friday evening:

  • Read the requirements, and gather all the supplies.
  • Make a Wal-Mart or grocery store run.
  • Be sure to sit with the child and orally go through the steps they will take.
  • Print out any data entry papers.
  • Make sure your markers or Sharpies work and have not dried out… yes that will happen….
  • Make sure you have a ruler, and report covers if needed to hand the report in.
  • If time start your research, or at least identify websites


  • Create or print out any data record sheets
  • Do the research and begin the experiment, be prepared to have to do it several times. Things do not always go smoothly the first time around.
  • If the experiment calls for checking back to keep track of things over time, be sure to set a timer. In fact set two or three of them in different parts of the house!
  • If you will need any graphics, or photos for a poster or power point, find them and get them downloaded, uploaded and printed out


  • Gather the information
  • Write the report
  • Get it proof read
  • Make any charts, graphs or power points or posters. This will always take longer than you think.

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What role should parents play?

  • Help read the directions
  • Help double check the material list and make any store runs.
  • Remind them of the time schedule.
  • Have them go through the check list, and show you the steps.
  • Proof read for spelling and grammar only. The content must stay as the child wrote it.
  • Fast and easy science projects should not be quick because parents do most of the work.

What are some examples of quality quick and easy science fair projects for a weekend?

Use toy cars to find out about friction, learn about insulation or compare the crunchiness of cereals. All the sort of things kids can really get their heads into….

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