Good Science Project Ideas Can Really Be Done In One Weekend!

Here is How:

When dealing with weekend science fair projects do not fall into the trap that you have the whole weekend to DO the project.

Doing the project is really only half the battle.

Make sure you save time for the rest of the little things that must be done to do in order to make your good science project ideas a success.

Project Preparation Tips

  • If possible have the supplies gathered ahead of time.
  • If this is a last minute situation, its OK it happens, divide and conquer
  • One person at home gathering the supplies you have and starting research and another off to the store to buy what you still need.
  • Be sure to read the directions and know if a display board or poster is needed.
  • Make sure you have printer paper and plenty of color ink and a spare cartridge.
  • Read the directions and plan out your time.

Do the Project

Essentially you have a 24 hour period from Friday evening through Saturday evening.

Often the first step is to do some research, or read the research that was sent home with the assignment. Use Friday evening for that.

You might even need to get something set up that needs to sit overnight.

Saturday will be involved in continuing what was started Friday, starting it fresh and keeping track of data.  Usually every hour or two you will go back to record any changes you see.

Leave Time for the Write-up and making A Display Board

  • In reality that will be Sunday
  • It takes longer to cut and paste, and print out charts and reprint them to make them the right size than you think.
  • It is a mistake to forget practice time.
  • Sunday evening needs to have a chance for the display to be set up and the family practice asking questions about the experiment and the charts and graphs on the display board.

Finally be sure to leave time to pack it all up and plan for a way to get the project to school.

  • Will the project fit on a school bus?
  • Will the morning schedule need adjusted to drive your child to school?

Where can I find some good science project ideas that can be done in one weekend?  Or even on one day?

I found this quick and easy science fair projects resource, and I can honestly say I wish it had been around when my own kids were this age in school!  As a teacher myself, I was always a stickler for educational value to any good science project ideas we came up with, and tried my hardest to let them do these projects themselves.
Try Weekend Science Projects Here

Often I would have to step in and interpret the directions and set up a schedule for them, which then made it look like I was the one telling them how to do the project instead of them doing it themselves.

Why Do I Like Them?

  • These materials first off are created following the requirements most science projects use.
  • They were written by a teacher/parent and each one is tested successfully the children and friends kids, so you know they work.
  • I could go on and on about them, but you can see for yourself at :

Check out: Weekend Science Projects



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