Guess What? There are Quick and Easy Science Fair Projects that Can Be Finished in One Day!

One Day Science Fair Projects Are  Lifesavers For Families of All Ages.

scientist Quick and Easy Science Fair Projects24 Hour Science Fair Projects are true Life Saver.

They are quick and easy science fair projects that can be completed in one day!  (One Weekend options also available). For those times when the kids come home from school and say,

“By the way, I have a science fair project due on Friday….”

These are a series of kid tested projects that come with well organized plans designed for parents and students who:

  • wait until the last minute to tell anyone about it
  • need a great project, but have a hard time coming up with an idea
  • have trouble self starting,
  • need guidance of the grown-ups without doing it for them

How in the world are you going to pull off a successful one day science fair project?

If You Are A Parent Currently in Panic Mode:

Visit 24 Hour Science Projects Here

Lets Take a closer look at some of the benefits of these simple 24 Hour Science Fair Guides

  • A clear list of online resources to use with research.
  • All supplies can easily found at any grocery or discount store.
  • Pre-formatted charts are included for easy data entry.
  • One click transfers data to a nifty graph
  • They are kid tested. Designed to grab the interest of children and meet the requirements of schools.

Educationally sound– set up for child success. This will be the KID’s project

  • All experiment based and follow the scientific method
  • You are given the tools, the outline and the structure
  • The hypothesis, the full experiment, the data, the conclusion is set up to be done by the student.

24 Hour Science Fair Guides are available in several formats—all come with 5 projects with a bonus option for 5 more

Bonus packages are also available with 5 additional projects.

Visit 24 hour science projects

Weekend Science Projects

Middle School Science Projects

Get your FREE Non-Scientific Parent’s Guide to a Science Project


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