There are really cool demonstration science experiments for elementary students!

They got a big boost with recent demonstrations by Science Bob on Live with Kelly

Science Bob has been on Live with Kelly as a regular guest where some of the experiments can be done at home and some are just cool to watch and really need to be done at school in a controlled environment.  It is really cool how Kelly has Science Bob return again and again for visits to really show how to make science fun.  It also can get the creative juices flowing for ideas to use on a much simpler scale.  He covers many principles that are often covered in typical science experiments for elementary students, but he brings the Wow! factor!

For a quick and easy demonstration science experiments for elementary students
that can be done  without the fancy equipment, you might want to try  Watch This! Science Projects.

What to you get?

There are five experiments that are designed to be in-class demonstrations.

  • THE YEAST BEAST:You’ll demonstrate that yeast is alive by watching it blow up balloons!
  • I’VE GOT THE POWER!: You’ll explain static electricity, and watch aluminum foil dance!
  • OIL AND WATER DO MIX: You’ll prove that you can disprove the old saying!
  • THE LAYERED LOOK: You’ll show how one Lego sinks, and another one floats in this amazing lesson on density.
  • TIME TO CHANGE: You’ll start a fizzy chemical reaction, then do it again – even faster!

What I like best about Watch This ! science experiments for elementary students:

One of the best parts of these experiment are the research and information to include in the oral report.  A demonstration, no matter how cool it is, must be done while you are explaining both the experiment and the science that goes with it. With the outline, facts along with a sample oral explanation, practicing the demonstration will be much easier than if you are left to your own devices. This is an important life skill, so these materials make it less scary.

Another thing I like is that they are quick and easy, use materials that can be found in your home or with a quick trip to local stores.  You do not need fancy stuff to teach science ideas.  Science is part of every day life, so why not use every day materials?

A final thing that I like about these are that they are kid tested and teacher approved.  Each one has been used by real kids, in real schools, with positive feedback from real teachers.

Use this link to get your copy of Watch This! demonstration science experiments for elementary students that can be downloaded in minutes.




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Here is a bonus for reading to the bottom of this page!

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