Two Examples of Simple Science Experiments For Students To Demonstrate in Front of Their Classmates

Put Panic Aside….

scientist1 Simple Science Experiments For Students

simple science experiments for students

When a science project assignment is to demonstrate, the chances are that you will be doing some kind of chemistry science project that involves some sort of chemical change.

Middle school kids love these, particularly if there is sudden drama involved..

Before you choose this kind of project, be sure to check the science assignment and the teacher’s requirements. Many simple science experiments for students have requirements are that are investigative and so  a demonstration will not work.

Follow this link if you are keen to find some teacher approved, kid tested demo projects

The hardest part about these demonstrations is being able to find “chemicals” that are easy to find and safe to work with!

Here are two examples where common household ingredients are used.

ONE:  The most popular chemical experiment involves Vitamin C.

Experiment: Which fruit or fruit juice has the most vitamin C?

  • Watch a chemical reaction that occurs along with titration, ( putting in drops)
  • Make a simple indicator with cornstarch and iodine.
  • An experiment that lends itself to several adaptations.
  • Many student who use this experiment have ended up winning a science fair prize..

Get the details of this experiment and 4 others through this link: Watch This! Demonstration Projects

TWO:  Another favorite  simple science experiments for students involves yeast

Experiment: Watch yeast eat sugar and release carbon dioxide.

  • This is the yeast blowing up a balloon experiment that even though many people and kids have seen it before, is always popular with the kids as they want to try all different sorts of different liquids.
  • It lets the project become unique

Both of these demonstration projects offer dramatic reactions that can be seen immediately and will WOW the classmates!

They could also be used as an investigative experiment as they naturally lend themselves to a question, the formation of an hypothesis, and testing.  It is easy to make graphs to visualize you conclusions.

At the same time they are quick and easy science fair projects that will make life at home a lot easier.

Where can I find fun science experiments like this?

I found this resource that has 5 simple science experiments for students to use as demonstrations.

  • They are written with easy step-by-step directions, videos that show a sample demonstration using real kids and real projects.
  • All will use common ingredients normally found at home.
  • They are good for upper elementary and middle school kids, but could be adapted for younger kids.

Visit: Watch This! Demonstration Projects that can be researched, practiced, and report and results graphed in one day!



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